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Here at Westmoreland Windows and Conservatories, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and our staff are committed to providing you with a totally professional experience from start to completion.

All the products we sell are of the highest quality and are fully guaranteed. These guarantees are covered by the IWA (independent warranty association) which means you can have peace of mind in the full knowledge that should we ever cease trading, any guarantee work will continue to be carried out without charge. The IWA have given us their highest merit award of 100% customer satisfaction.

We are a FENSA registered company therefore all work under taken will meet all current building regulations. A FENSA certificate will be issued to you after the completion of each job. Please contact us for further details. We provide free quotations and we will never pressure you for a decision.

Jeremy or Guy Westmoreland will be delighted to call round and provide you with a free quotation. Click here to book an appointment.