Equal Opportunities Policy

Westmoreland Windows & Conservatories Ltd (the Company) is an equal opportunity employer. The aim of our policy is to provide equal employment to individuals regardless of their race, religion, colour, national origins, sex, handicap or other factors not related to the Company’s legitimate business interests. This policy applies to all areas of employment within the Company, including recruitment and selection of new employees, promotion, selection for training programmes, compensations and benefit programmes.

The success of this policy is dependent upon the support of both the Directors and employees at all levels. This places an obligation on all employees.

The Directors have responsibilities under the policy as follows:

 To ensure that employees who report directly to them are briefed on their responsibilities under the policy and that they observe its terms
 To ensure that no unfair discrimination takes place, either directly or indirectly, in selection or other employment decisions in his areas
 To respond in a prompt and appropriate manner to allegations of unfair discrimination, sexual or racial harassment or other unacceptable behaviour from staff under their control
 To promote equal opportunities for staff and encourage people of both sexes and different races to work together harmoniously

Individual employees at all levels have responsibility for the implementation of equal opportunities policies as follows:

 To co-operate fully with all measures that the Company introduce in respects to equal opportunities
 To avoid discrimination against colleagues, visitors or suppliers with whom you are in contact with during your work or where your actions outside work have a direct impact upon the Company
 To refrain from victimising (or attempting to victimise) and harassing individuals
 To refrain from inducing or attempting to induce other employees to practice unacceptable behaviour or unlawful discrimination
 To draw to the attention of the Directors any suspected discriminatory acts, sexual or racial harassment or other inappropriate practices

The Company has responsibility for the monitoring and implementation of the policy as follows:

 To examine and review existing policies, practices and procedures and make any necessary changes on an ongoing basis
 To ensure that all employees know of the policy and how it affects their job responsibilities
 To promote equal opportunities for all persons seeking or already employed with the Company
 To consult with the employees on equal opportunities policies and implications
 To monitor the percentage of registered disabled persons in the workforce

Equal Opportunities Policy PDF (size: 215kbs)

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